Best Travel Card for Canadians – American Express Platinum Card


If you travel at least 2-3 times a year, this is something you must get!  Everyone I’ve referred this card too has loved it!  Travel like a VIP!

I like to travel and I like to travel frugally and in style.  One way to do this is to take advantage of the generous sign up bonuses that credit cards and charge cards offer!  My absolute favorite card is the American Express Platinum Card where I have full access to Airport Lounges worldwide, VIP perks with hotels such as SPG Gold and the Fine Hotels and Resorts Program, $200 Annual Travel Credit, and 60,000 Points!

In life, you get what you pay for, and this being the best premium card in Canada, it cost $699 per year.  However, I’ve calculated that you easily get over $1500 worth of credit and perks for the first year, where you are free to cancel afterwards.

If for any reason the $699 is too much for you, check out the 100% free American Express Gold Card where you can get a Free Flight to Anywhere in North America or $250 Travel Credit.

60,000 American Express Points

These 60,000 points are only available if you sign up here, or else it’s only 50,000 if you sign up directly through American Express.  This is by far the most valuable perk available.  As a worst case scenario, 60,000 points can be converted directly into $600 travel credit, but the best way to use it is to convert it to flights, using Aeroplan or British Airways Avios.  The conversion rate to either of these loyalty programs are 1:1 so 60,000 American Express points gets you 60,000 of Aeroplan/Avios or whatever mix you want.

So what can you do with these points?  25,000 Aeroplan points gets you a round trip flight to anywhere in North America, or 60,000 points gets you a round trip flight to Europe.   Through this method, your points would be worth $800-900.

With British Airways Avios, 60,000 points gets you a round trip flight to Hong Kong through Cathay(60,000/ticket), 2 round trip tickets to Hawaii from Bellingham through Alaska(25,000/ticket), or 4 Round-Trip tickets to Vegas from Bellingham(15,000/ticket).  Doing it this way probably gets you closer to $1000+ value.

$200 Annual Travel Credit Per Calendar Year = $400

The American Express Platinum card comes with $200 travel credit per calendar year.  Once the new year resets another $200 credit gets added on.  So, let’s say you get your card in August of 2016, use the $200 credit before the year is over, and then another $200 credit will pop up that you can use in 2017 for a total credit of $400.

Complimentary Lounge Access

This is my favorite benefit, you get lounge access world wide.  You know how most people dread going to the Airport early because it’s boring and there’s nothing to do?  I love getting there early now since I can relax, have some food, and free booze!  As an American Express Platinum Member, you also get access to the Centurion Lounge, which is a premium lounge located at select cities, including Las Vegas.  This perk is worth $300+.

Referral Bonuses – 15,000 Points/Referral

Know any friends or family that love to travel too?  You can refer them and get 15,000 bonus points per referral for doing so!  This is the easiest way to earn points as this card easily sells itself!

Additional Benefits

There’s really too many benefits to list so here are some more highlights

  • Every kind of Travel Insurance you can think of including hotel insurance, luggage insurance, trip interruption insurance, out of country medical, etc
  • Access to booking Fine Hotels & Resorts which give you additional benefits when you book through American Express.  For example, I used my $200 travel credit for Bellagio one trip for 1 night, and as an additional perk, received $100 usd in Resort Credit, $60 in breakfast credit per day, and 4pm late checkout which I happily used.
  • Free Elite Status with hotels and car rentals like SPG Gold, Hertz Gold, etc

So the $699 up front cost may seem high but compared to what you’re getting, it’s very minimal.  Paying $699 for over $1500 worth of benefits, I’d do all day.  No other Canadian card will make you feel like a VIP quite like the American Express Platinum Card!  If you do decide to cancel after the first year, you are free to transfer your unused American Express points to Aeroplan or Avios or any other available programs so you don’t lose them.

Any other questions about this card or redemption on Aeroplan or Avios, please comment here and I’ll get back to you.

Click Here to sign up for the American Express Platinum Card and become a VIP today!

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