Best Las Vegas Airport Transportation

There are an overwhelming number of options for Las Vegas Airport Transportation.  You can grab a taxi, prepay for a shuttle, book a limousine, use your mobile device to grab a Lyft or Uber, and many more choices!  However, there’s always the stories of people getting long-hauled, taking 2 hours via shuttle, as you end up as the last leg of the shuttle service, limousines that show up an hour late, and other horror stories.  So with this many options, what’s the best way to get to and from McCarran International Airport!

Ride Share

Ride Share is a relatively new form of Las Vegas airport transportation and my personal favorite.  Ride Share is safe, incredibly convenient, and usually cheaper than your standard Taxi.  Just load your mobile app, request a car, and you can see all the details about car, driver, and it’s location!  And due to some tighter restrictions, all drivers in Las Vegas must undergo a criminal check, as well as purchase additional Ride Share insurance for additional safety!

So why take a Ride Share in Las Vegas?

  • Save-Money – Save up to 30% over traditional Taxi’s.
  • No Long-Hauling: Never get long-hauled again.  Each trip is tracked so that if there are any problems, send Lyft or Uber a quick email and they will adjust the price without hesitation.  This is accountability that does not exist for Taxi’s.
  • Cashless & Convenient: Never use cash again, everything is automatically charged to your credit card you inputted in the app.
  • One Tap to Ride: Lyft/Uber detects your location using your mobile device’s GPS to ensure you get the fastest pick up possible, usually within a few minutes!
  • Reliable & On-Tme Pick-ups: When you request a ride, they’ll located a driver and let you track their location on the map. Your driver’s name, car details and ratings will appear in the app.
  • Clear Pricing: Get a fare estimate on the mobile app before requesting your ride.


uber las vegas airport transportation

Uber is by far the largest ride share company in the world.  They have the most drivers, as well as some of the best promotions available.  Sign-up here using promo code UBERVEGAS30 to get $15 off your first ride, but keep in mind the promo code expires in 30 days, so sign up closer to your travel date.  Uber is recommended for your transportation from Las Vegas airport to the Strip as the $15 promo code will cover most rides.  You’ll end up with either a free or incredibly cheap ride.


lyft las vegas airport transportation

Lyft is the second largest ride share company in the world and my personal favorite to use in Las Vegas.  Keep in mind, many drivers drive for both Lyft and Uber, so there isn’t really much difference.  I prefer them since they usually have better promotions to be more competitive.  Right now, they have a $50 credit promotion, where you either get $5 off per ride, up to 10 rides, or $10 off each ride up to 5Sign-up here or use promo code FREEVEGASLYFT, but keep in mind the promo code expires 2 weeks after you sign up, so do it closer to your travel date, or just do what I did, use the free wifi at McCarran airport and sign-up on the spot.


For those who still believe in the traditional taxicabs, they are readily available from the airport.  Just follow the signs and grab the nearest taxi.  However, this is an antiquated Las Vegas airport transportation option.  During peak times, there’s usually a long lineup, and there’s always a chance of long-hauling with little or no accountability.  I suggest using one of the ride share options above to eliminate these problems.  If you’ve been long-hauled, refuse to pay the driver and let them know you’re calling the Nevada Taxicab Authority’s 24 hour hotline, at 702-668-4005.  Usually the drivers will relent and bring the fare down to a number that’s more in line with what the normal charge would be.  You can also use the Nevada Taxicab Authority’s Approximate Minimum Rates Table to see what the approximate fare, and best route should be.


There are numerous options for Airport shuttles in Las Vegas, and prices start at about $7 each way, but there doesn’t seem to be any reason why any Vegas trip would warrant a shuttle.  Since it’s a per person charge, doing a ride share or a taxi would usually be cheaper as people don’t usually do solo Vegas trips, and even if they are, using one of the Lyft or Uber promo codes above would allow for a much more safe, comfortable and convenient ride.  Not only this but shuttles are slow.  Because they have to wait for everyone, and stop at a number of different locations, your short 10-15 minute ride, may end up an hour or more!  If you still insist on grabbing a shuttle, check out the Las Vegas Airport Shuttles contact information.


Travel in style with a Limousine at McCarran airport.  Limousine transportation from Las Vegas airport can be arranged beforehand, or there will be some available when you get there, west of the baggage claim, outside door exits 7-13.  If you prefer something nicer, or want to make the trip more memorable, book a limousine ahead.  They should be able to provide extras like stopovers at the Las Vegas sign, arrange champagne or flowers, and others personal options.

Even with all the Las Vegas Airport Transportation options available, the best choice will always be ride share.  There are a lot of skeptics about them, but try it once, especially with all these promo codes for first time users, you’ll never go back to anything else!

If there are any options that I’ve missed, please contact us or leave a comment so I can update this post.

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